Hocus is back?!

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Thank you ES, I think I do know a little something.

I've been posting to these sorts of boards for 20 years now, since state of the art was a pre-fido homebrew BBS with a single 1200b modem sitting in someones living room.

I know what a pure troll is. Dont see that here.

Honestly I have not read any of the past Hocus material at all.

What I do know and has been acknowledged by many is that at one time Hocus was considered a "must read" and his posting legacy was considered a primer for a new ER.

One must consider how he came from there to here.

I'm hardly an apologist; frankly his efforts on the other board to argue that tips and ibonds arent 'fixed income' (ok, theres an argument there, but 95% of people wouldnt make it), and his avoidance of some simple questions quite clearly dont help his case.

But consider what brought this about...? I put forward a case on dory's board some time ago that Hocus was clearly on Jihad. When one goes on Jihad, the focus is usually on the destruction created and not the original reason for Jihad.

For example, while many terrorists are simply nutcases or the blind followers of nutcases, at the root of some of it is a real cause, real anger, real frustration and a perceived inability to exact justice in any other way. Its nearly impossible to stop widespread Jihad without killing everyone involved, the act of which creates 10x the number of additional reasons for Jihad.

I'll propose, likely wrongly and without much information, that at one time Hocus had a point, it wasnt agreeable, and at some point of being beaten in the face and with many months (or more?) of deconstruction, he turned into the evasive, stream of consciousness, "look at me...look at me" poster. He's been beaten up, kicked off, equated with all that is evil in the online shared experience.

Because I cant correlate the one time must-read guy with someone whose mere presence causes grown men and women who have complete choice in interacting with him on what is a most basic level to flee.

It seems to me, without really knowing any of you that well, that the tie to this place and the legacy you have no doubt created must be tenuous at best.

I'd hope you all stay long enough for me to get to know you, and for us all to share our experiences, knowledge and our lives. Read Hocus, ignore Hocus, respond to Hocus civilly and constructively or negatively and destructively.

Because by most of the reading I've done, in your collective minds and using the picture y'all generate of him, leaving would be exactly what he wants...?
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. - Nietzsche
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Greetings NFBers :)

I think everyone has had a chance to "express their opinion" :wink: on this subject and I see no more constructive value in continuing this thread so I'll lock it.

Let's get back to more productive pursuits shall we? 8)
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