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Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:11 am
by JWR1945
If I had had more money, it would have all gone to the FF. Overall I'm lucky that a market downturn soon after my first purchases, together with comments from datasnooper and other's forced me to REALLY investigate, and ultimately provided me with the knowledge to do things in a much more educated way.

It sounds to me as if, in an unpleasant and roundabout way, NeuroFool has greatly benefited from the Foolish Four. He learned his lessons early and he learned them when he had very little money. I suspect that his unpleasant experience has increased his long-term overall return by 1% or, maybe, even more.

Remember, I consider a steady improvement of 1% to be a biggie. It really grows when compounded over decades.

Have fun.

John R.